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The desired and determined objective behind FTBC is to help the ambitious aspirants to realize their soul-felt dream to stand in the fore-front of matters regarding Christian ministry, and to provide an opportunity for them to gain the necessary training right in their living room at the click of a remote hand-set; this is envisioned to facilitate those who cannot afford to enroll in a Bible college due to lack of funds, or time, or the pressure to maintain a steady income because of unspeakable challenges at the work place or their respective homes.

The concept An outstanding opportunity for those who wish to remain in their jobs or ministerial activity, and yet desire to equip themselves with the ministry bound skill-set in the convenience of being at home and by watching the modules telecast through Aradana TV by the subject experts.

The faculty is from the fraternity of the main line denominations whose resumes are rich with experience in training and assigning the ministers for the Gospel. The core Faculty comprise of those with earned Doctoral degrees in their respective fields of specialization. Likewise, the Faculty who are committed to Evangelism and Missions are also invited to offer key modules essential for the ministry.

Mode of instruction is modular, so that experts in the field could be invited for the short periods and participants could concentrate on a particular aspect of a subject in a stipulated period of time. The classes will be conducted in Telugu or English [Bi-lingual] to help the Participants take the modules comfortably in the language of their priority.

The participants can take the modules according to their interest and convenience. Those who are eligible for the regular college studies can register for a Degree in Bachelor of Christian Ministry. All the others who are above 25 years of age, who are in the ministry or aiming to be involved in Christian Ministry, can enroll themselves as regular candidates. No basic qualification is required.

Notes and handouts will be provided to the registered candidates. They are expected to attend the Contact sessions as and when they are arranged.

Graduation: After the successful completion of the required modules the Degree or the Certificate will the awarded at a Graduation Ceremony to be held annually. Efforts are being made to seek Accreditation or affiliation with Asia Theological Association or similar bodies in India or abroad.

The Curriculum Fees Contact

Modules: The following modules are akin to the Bible based Christian Ministry. Each module consists of 5 slots, half-hour each, to be telecast on Aradana TV, Monday to Friday from 01:30 PM to 02:00 PM and the repeat of the same program is at 05:00 AM.

Old Testament Studies:

  1. Eden to Canaan
  2. United Kingdom to Divided Kingdom
  3. Prophet Isaiah
  4. Prophet Jeremiah
  5. Poetical Books
  6. Minor Prophets

New Testament Studies:

  1. Synoptic Gospels
  2. Johnniane Thoughts/Lit
  3. Paul's Doctrinal Epistles
  4. Prison Epistles
  5. Pastoral Epistles
  6. General Epistles

Doctrinal Studies:

  1. God - The Holy Trinity
  2. Person & Work of Christ
  3. Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
  4. Man, Sin and Grace
  5. Nature & Function of the Church
  6. Eschatology

Christian Ministry:

  1. Pastoral Ministry
  2. Personal Life of a Minister
  3. Worship
  4. Preaching
  5. Preparation and Delivery of Sermons
  6. Investing in God's work
  7. Biblical Counseling
  8. Building Christian Family in a Secular Society

Missions & Evangelism:

  1. Biblical Basis for Missions and Evangelism
  2. Witnessing in a Pluralistic Society
  3. Lessons from Early Church
  4. Learning from Great Missionaries
  5. Learning from Great Masters of Evangelism
  6. Local Church Involvement in Evangelism and Missions.
  7. Planting and Growing Healthy Churches
  8. Christian Approach to Other Faiths

Social Transformation:

  1. Christian Participation in Nation Building
  2. Responding to Poverty through Development
  3. Christian Response to Dalit Issues
  4. Striving for Peace and Harmony in Society
  5. Empowering Women
  6. Reaching the Dynamic Youth

Leadership Development:

  1. Imbibing the Biblical Leadership Qualities
  2. Management of Time
  3. Planning and Organizing programs
  4. 4. Managing Finances / Accountability
  5. Effective management of the Church Administration
  6. Commitment and Consecration to the Christian Ministry

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